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Aero GT Testing

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GJTC facilities include a fully compliant test cell for the following Pratt and Whitney engines:

  • JT3D series (all models)
  • JT8D series (all models)
  • JT38D-200 series (all models)

and the ALF 502/507 series.

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Although the primary use of the test cell is to confirm the correct functionality of the engines after overhaul or repair so that it can be release back into service, the test cell capabilities are also able to support engine purchase, post lease returns, fault location and corrections.

Your engineering representatives are welcome to attend as your engine is prepared and tested, so in the unlikely event of a fault being identified that would otherwise suspend testing or result in a failure, the opportunity will exist for it to be corrected and testing successfully completed.

image of GTJC

The computerised testing ensures repeatability of each phase of the test whilst the automatic data logging and analysis includes parameters such as thrust, vibration, fuel usage, oil/fuel pressure, engine temperature.

The test equipment is fully calibrated on an annual basis with the results being monitored to detect any long term trend or anomalous behaviour that could impact on the validity of the subsequent year's results.

For additional information on our services and capabilities please contact us or call us 0844 2251997/(+44)1452 714471

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